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Benefits of 4 Life Transfer Factor

To understand how 4Life Transfer Factor Plus works, you first need to understand something about the human immune system.

Our immune systems protect us from, and help us fight disease by detecting things like viruses. Our immune systems are what kill the cells or pathogens that make us sick. That’s why it’s crucial that our immune systems are able to tell the difference between the cells in them that make us sick and the cells that help us.

Over time our immune systems obtain the ability to recognize specific cells, or pathogens that make us sick by memory, giving the immune system the ability to automatically flush them out of our bodies, preventing illness. This is called acquired immunity. We often refer to this as developing immunity to a certain virus, or becoming “immune” to things like the flu.

These memory factors are also referred to as Transfer Factors.

When our immune systems don’t work correctly, it can result in disease. This is what we call immunodeficiency, and it happens when the immune system is less active than normal. Immunodeficiency can result from disease, such as HIV and others, but, in part, it can also be because we now have so many antibiotic resistant organisms which have mutated so that the antibiotics are literally ineffective.

Transfer Factor is literally the transfer of immunity.

Why 4 Life Transfer Factor?

Transfer Factors are molecules that boost our immune systems by transferring immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another; and recent research provides evidence that transfer factors, even from another animal such as a cow, can enable us to develop immunity to diseases before we are even exposed to them!

When we use Transfer Factors they can also make our immune systems work more quickly and efficiently when we do get sick. Early research on Transfer Factor showed that a person could be given an injection of a certain type of extract from another person who had suffered from a disease, and they wouldn’t get the disease themselves, something that became known as vaccination. However, creating Transfer Factor from human blood would have been very expensive, and, with the onset of HIV, things became more complicated medically. Research was conducted that showed that a compound in mother’s milk called colostrum contained Transfer Factors. It has long been known that babies who were nursed by their mothers for the first 6 weeks of life have stronger immune systems because of the colostrum that is in the milk they have received.

It was then discovered that Transfer Factors were disease specific, but not species specific, and this discovery made it possible to use cows to obtain large amounts of Transfer Factors for humans inexpensively.

These Transfer Factors became 4Life Transfer Factors, a treatment that we can obtain over the counter today.

It is a treatment that we are fortunate enough to be able to take to ward off something specific; or, as is recommended, 4Life Transfer Factors can be taken regularly to help keep our general health in great shape.

4Life Transfer Factor Increases Immune Cell Effectiveness


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